Women Marines Association

The Women Marines Association 2016- 2018 Board

We are pleased to announce the new Board of Directors for the Women Marines Association (WMA). This is such a rich pool of talent that WMA will be reaching new levels in the next two years. These officers will be install in July in Portland, OR., at the Installation Banquet surrounded with family, friends, WMA Members […]

Female Marine Officer Leaves Lasting Legacy

Female Marine Officer Leaves Lasting Legacy Almost a decade has past since the death of U.S. Marine Maj. Megan M. McClung but her legacy continues to grow with every year since her passing in 2006. By: Amy Forsythe Bureau Chief at AFN Pacific in Guam The phone call came on an average Wednesday to the […]

PFC Ashe L. Rodriguez

Molly Marine Platoon 4016 Private First Class Ashe L. Rodriguez   John F. Kennedy once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Choosing to be a Marine is my way of giving back to my family, my friends, and more importantly my country. Therefore, […]

Meet Molly Marine

Meet Molly Marine 9 October 2015 Molly Marine LA-1 cordially invites you to pay a visit to the Big Easy (New Orleans, LA) where you will have the pleasure of meeting a picturesque beauty: the original Molly Marine. She proudly stands on the corner of Canal Street and Elk Place– the first statue of a […]

Lakota Woman Warrior

Lakota Woman Warrior By: Brenda White Bull “‘Lakota Woman Warrior,’ a title I hold to the highest standards. As I look in the mirror, I give myself permission to feel very proud. I not only see my own image, but I see glimpses of my ancestors’ blood running through my veins. I come from a […]

Molly Marine PFC V.D.Odell

Molly Marine Platoon 4015 Private First Class Odell United States Marine is a title that is “earned, never given.” The journey to earn this honorable title all begins with the first steps on the yellow footprints. It is not a path that many people choose, but those who do, find themselves pushed past their limits […]

Molly Marine PFC G.Anglade

Molly Marine Platoon 4014 O Private First Class Anglade Marine Corps Recruit Training is a place where few choose to go, and even fewer endure the challenge to earn the title of a United States Marine. Two main characteristics that are important in order to be successful in recruit training are teamwork and motivation. A […]