Female Marine Officer Leaves Lasting Legacy

Female Marine Officer Leaves Lasting Legacy Almost a decade has past since the death of U.S. Marine Maj. Megan M. McClung but her legacy continues to grow with every year since her passing in 2006. By: Amy Forsythe Bureau Chief at AFN Pacific in Guam The phone call came on an average Wednesday to the […]

Tawanda “Tee” Hanible

A Marine Way of Life It was after a successful tour on recruiting that GySgt Tee Hanible found her calling of working with and empowering youth. Shortly after receiving orders to transfer to Quantico, Virginia she founded the organization Operation Heroes Connect, an organization that partners service members and veterans as full time mentors for at-risk […]

The Female Veteran

The Female Veteran Unique Service and Needs By Micaila Britto As you walk down the streets of your town every day, you see her there – a woman who might be attired as a business manager, health care worker, or any number of other skilled professionals. You think that she probably is someone’s mother, daughter, sister, […]


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: More Than Just Anxiety By Micaila Britto You hear a noise, which takes you back to a time and place you would prefer to forget. Or you have been in a horrific accident or witnessed one, and the memory will not go away. You have been involved some way in a bombing, which […]

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

 Celebrating Hispanic Heritage  By Sabrina Messenger    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month which is observed each year from September 15 through October 15, I will be offering several in-depth interviews from some of our members of WMA who are of Hispanic/Latina descent. But first a bit of background information on Hispanics in the United […]

The History of Operation Caring Friends

Operation Caring Friends (OCF) was started in 2002 as a way to send our servicemen and women “a taste of home”.  Its main focus has been to take care of those who get little or no support from home.Mary and Jeff Merritt first started this venture a few boxes at a time when few were […]

Our Marines, Memorial Day and Beyond

The reasons for joining the Marine Corps is unique to each Marine. Their love of family, Country, and Corps culminated with each making the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. The rolls read clearly of honor, courage and dedication. Major Megan McClung, Capt Jennifer Harris, Sgt Jeannette Winters, Cpl Jennifer Parcell, Cpl Ramona Valdez, LCpl’s […]