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WWII Camp Lejeune Training

Marine Corps Women Reserves Training Camp Lejeune FREE A MARINE TO FIGHT: Women Marines in World War II by Colonel Mary V Stremlow, USMCR (Ret)   Planners originally thought to use existing Navy resources and facilities for all MCWR recruiting and training, but Marines soon saw the advantage of having their own schools. It wasn’t […]

Free A Man to Fight

Marine Corps Women Reserve Marine Base San Diego  1943-1946   By Rick Huenefeld and Barbara McCurtis   ‘Free a Man to Fight’ – the  call to arms in  February 1943 when the Women’s Reserve (WR) of the United States Marine Corps was activated.  The first WR reported to Marine Corps Base (MCB) San Diego in […]

Sgt Sylvia Applebaum Levy

Sgt Sylvia Applebaum Levy USMC 1943 -46 By Barbara Steever My mother was from Philadelphia,  stationed in San Diego and then sent to Pearl Harbor where she was in the radio corps.  To my knowledge, she was among the first group of women Marines to arrive there. The  photo below was actually a publicity shot taken when […]

Sarah Frost – Trailblazer

Sarah Frost WWII Marine Trailblazer By Michelle Weaver           My mother was the first trailblazing woman I ever knew. In 1967 she joined the Army and was a secretary for General Westmoreland in the Pentagon during the Vietnam war and in 1973, when I was two, she was the first woman accepted for officer candidate […]

Eugenia Lejeune ~ Marine and Archivist

Eugenia Lejeune Marine and Archivist By Sabrina Messenger When one “googles’ for information on Eugenia Lejeune, Major, USMCR, most of what one finds defaults back to her illustrious father, General John Archer Lejeune.  I have a feel she would’ve wanted it that way. I’m of the impression that Eugenia was perfectly happy not being in […]

Sergeant Major Grace Carle

Grace Carle  Sergeant Major of the Women Marines By Sharon Tutt It became a customary tradition for some women Marines to include in their nightly bedtime routine a chant for a particular hard charging Devil Dog’s name as inspiration.  She was the last Sergeant Major of the Women Marines, one of the oldest Women Marine […]

Women Marines Reserve Band

Women Marines Reserve Band by Colonel Mary V Stremlow, USMCR (Ret) Probably the most colorful of all the Women’s Reserve units was the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve Band formed in November 1943 by Captain William F. Santelmann and trained by members of the Marine Band. Prominent music schools and colleges were canvassed for candidates and […]