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WWII Camp Lejeune Training

Marine Corps Women Reserves Training Camp Lejeune FREE A MARINE TO FIGHT: Women Marines in World War II by Colonel Mary V Stremlow, USMCR (Ret)   Planners originally thought to use existing Navy resources and facilities for all MCWR recruiting and training, but Marines soon saw the advantage of having their own schools. It wasn’t […]

First Women Marines

First Women Marines By Ansley Wegner Research Branch, NC Office of Archives and History, 2007 Camp Lejeune prides itself as the home of the Montford Point Marines, the Corps’ first black enlistees, and the first large unit of female Marines, known as the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve. The first female Marines, 305 in number, enlisted in […]

An Affair With Image Development

By Marine Cpl Sabrina (Williams) Messenger On the surface, I didn’t appear to be different from my peers. However, while most of them were content to simply meet Mr. Right, fall in love, and become wives and mothers, I knew I wanted something different. Something really special! Well the day came when I, too, fell […]

Golda’s Story

   A momentous day in history, December 7, 1941, changed the lives of many people including myself.   On  March 2, 1944, in Seattle, Washington, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and left for boot camp on April 28th, 1944.   Boot camp was at Camp Lejeune, N.C where I was in Co. E, Plat […]