10th INF Battalion ~ Classification Platoon

10th INF Battalion ~ Classification Platoon

Women Marines ~ 10th INF Battalion ~ Classification Platoon  Honor ~ Courage ~ Commitment My Story by PFC. Phyllis Silva-Keith (H.D. 1958) October 2017 In the 1940’s, when, Col. Julia Hamblet, USMCR, penned: “Once a Marine…Always a Marine…Then, now and always,” little did I know, all these years later, that I would still be living […]

PFC Beatriz Villa

Molly Marine PFC Beatriz Villa O Co Plt 4018 4 June 2014     Molly Marine: A Title Earned by One’s Personal Character Marine Corps Recruit Training: where the few choose to go, where few endure, and where few earn the title of United States Marine. Teamwork, motivation, and always doing the right thing are […]

Those Yellow Footprints

Those Yellow Footprints by Lori Howard We stopped abruptly and a slight woman with a wide-brimmed hat pulled down to her eyes came screaming aboard as if she were hijacking the bus. The air brakes could not drown out her words: “Get off my bus! Get off my bus!” We filed out into the steamy […]

Women Marine Rifle Qualification in 1978

Women Marine Rifle Qualification in 1978 By Corrina Martell Several years before women recruits began qualifying on the M16A1 rifle in Marine Corps boot camp, many women Marines were already qualifying on the M16A1 rifle in the fleet. In late November and early December of 1978, I was part of a detail of about 50 women […]

Parris Island 70th Anniversary Celebration 2013

March 2013 started off with the sights and sounds of Parris Island. Fourth Battalion was the perfect location to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve (officially on February 13, 2013) and kick-off Women’s History Month. It was an honor to represent WMA during this memorable 70th year milestone. […]