10th INF Battalion ~ Classification Platoon

10th INF Battalion ~ Classification Platoon

Women Marines ~ 10th INF Battalion ~ Classification Platoon  Honor ~ Courage ~ Commitment My Story by PFC. Phyllis Silva-Keith (H.D. 1958) October 2017 In the 1940’s, when, Col. Julia Hamblet, USMCR, penned: “Once a Marine…Always a Marine…Then, now and always,” little did I know, all these years later, that I would still be living […]

High Heeled Boots

High Heeled Boots

High Heeled Boots Leatherneck Magazine Volume 45, Issue 2 Feb 1962 Author:  Clay Barrow   There are several striking differences between the Women Marines’ boot camp and the men’s ONE OF THE most widely circulated football stories relates that once when Knute Rockne’s “Fighting Irish” were trailing, he stayed out of the locker room throughout […]

PFC Haley Hughes

Molly Marine Platoon 4021 Private First Class Haley B. Hughes                   Upholding the core values of honor, courage and commitment by doing what is right in the face of fear, morally and legally, having integrity and taking responsibility for all actions while holding others accountable is what makes a Molly Marine. By putting the […]

PFC JordonM.Guevara

Molly Marine Platoon 4019 Private First Class Jordon M. Guevara   Just one act of kindness can spread like wildfire. To be a Molly Marine is to be the one who will set the example for all other Marines to follow. To show that, that one small act of kindness can really go a long […]

Molly Marine J. Woodend

Molly Marine Platoon 4013 Private First Class Jade Woodend The Molly Marine is someone who puts others before themselves, always giving 100% and nothing less. Never giving up even when things feel impossible and keeping others motivated to excel to the best of their abilities. I was surprised when I was voted Molly Marine. Coming […]

Molly Marine B.A. Guerrero

Molly Marine Platoon 4012 Private First Class Becky A. Guerrero Molly Marine – the term is so simple. Just two proper nouns; a title most would never even think twice about. Gaze down the catwalks toward the barracks of November Company and the term changes entirely. Not because of what the recruits believe it to mean, […]

Molly Marine K.J. Anteau

Molly Marine Platoon 4011 Private First Class Kristina J. Anteau What should I do with my life? This was the question going through my mind while sitting in my psychology class at Saginaw Valley State University. I was visualizing my life after college, but seemed not able to. I thought about my lifelong dream of […]