Boot Camp

High Heeled Boots

High Heeled Boots

High Heeled Boots Leatherneck Magazine Volume 45, Issue 2 Feb 1962 Author:  Clay Barrow   There are several striking differences between the Women Marines’ boot camp and the men’s ONE OF THE most widely circulated football stories relates that once when Knute Rockne’s “Fighting Irish” were trailing, he stayed out of the locker room throughout […]

Changes to the Corps

Women Marines  – Changes to the Corps Drill Instructor Reunion Speech by MSgt. Brenda Moore (ret) When I was recruited in 1977, I was told by my recruiter that a Woman, was only 1/2 of a quota so they needed 2 women to make 1 quota. Pretty sure he wasn’t happy when I didn’t bring a friend […]

PFC Haley Hughes

Molly Marine Platoon 4021 Private First Class Haley B. Hughes                   Upholding the core values of honor, courage and commitment by doing what is right in the face of fear, morally and legally, having integrity and taking responsibility for all actions while holding others accountable is what makes a Molly Marine. By putting the […]

PFC Devin Phommachanh

 Molly Marine Platoon 4027 Private First Class Devin Phommachanh              The Molly Marine is someone who puts others before themselves, who sees the hardships as opportunities to become not only a better, Marine but a better person. She will always try to be the example and give all she has and push even more to […]

PFC Allison Drane

Molly Marine Platoon 4026 November Company Private First Class Allison M. Drane            Someone without fail keeps a positive attitude and a mindset that drives through the toughest of challenges is someone who carries the title Molly Marine. Most know what Molly Marine is, but few know the impact she has on her peers. Her […]

PFC Dana C Beasley

Molly Marine Platoon 4025 Private First Class Dana C. Beesley            When I first told my friends and family I was enlisting in the Marine Corps, my declaration was met with mixed emotions. Some of my family members were worried for my safety and some of my friends were simply surprised that this was […]

PFC Danielle M. Shendel

Molly Marine Platoon 4024 Private First Class Danielle M. Shendel                 Coming here I thought completing recruit training would be an individual effort but that quickly changed. I learned motivating each other and using teamwork were pivotal to mission accomplishment. I am very proud and honored that my sisters chose me as the Molly […]