Looking Back  – Women Marines: 25th Anniversary

Looking Back – Women Marines: 25th Anniversary

Women Marines: 25th Anniversary reprinted from the Marine Corps Gazette Vol 52 Issue 2 Author:  Pat Meid A time to reminisce but even more to look at a new generation of Women Marines making its own contributions, blazing new trails, and serving with distinction. ALTHOUGH women traditionally tend to be chary and somewhat imprecise when […]

Lakota Woman Warrior

Lakota Woman Warrior By: Brenda White Bull “‘Lakota Woman Warrior,’ a title I hold to the highest standards. As I look in the mirror, I give myself permission to feel very proud. I not only see my own image, but I see glimpses of my ancestors’ blood running through my veins. I come from a […]

Noteworthy Women Marines

Did you know? By Nancy Wilt   Did you know that two women Marines had been held as prisoners of the Japanese prior to United States declaring war on Japan? Charlotte Day Gower was the Dean of Women at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, China during the initial Japanese attack on the city. Charlotte has […]


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: More Than Just Anxiety By Micaila Britto You hear a noise, which takes you back to a time and place you would prefer to forget. Or you have been in a horrific accident or witnessed one, and the memory will not go away. You have been involved some way in a bombing, which […]

Marine Corps WWI 100% Girls

By Sabrina Messenger Who were the 100% Girls of World War One?      Nowadays, you see a lot of percentage numbers thrown around by either the media or political activists. Some recent examples? Occupy Wall Street slogan: “We are the 99 %”. A recent Presidential candidate spoke of people whom he labeled as the […]