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Newton Marine Honored

Newton Marine honored for making handler history 100th anniversary of women in the U.S. Marine Corps celebrated By P.M. Brannock Newton Daily News The United States had a banner year in 1918: An influenza epidemic swept the nation, World War I ended and for the first time since Congress ordered the formation of the United […]

Thin Line of Tradition

The Thin Line of Tradition The traditions of the Marine Corps, its history, its flags, its uniforms, its insignia—the Marine Corps way of doing things—make the Corps what it is [and set it distinctively apart from other military organizations and services]. These traditions give the Marine Corps its flavor, and are the reason why the […]

Behind the Color: 1941 Victory Red

Behind the Color: Bésame Cosmetics 1941 Victory Red   It’s 6 am and your alarm clock is singing louder than the birds. You slowly open your eyes, groggily getting accustomed to your brightly lit room. You still haven’t quite gotten use to waking up at this hour. Gone are the glamorous parties and dancing the […]