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Molly Marine B.A. Guerrero

Molly Marine

Platoon 4012

Private First Class Becky A. Guerrero

Private First Class Becky A. Guerrero

Private First Class Becky A. Guerrero

Molly Marine – the term is so simple. Just two proper nouns; a title most would never even think twice about. Gaze down the catwalks toward the barracks of November Company and the term changes entirely. Not because of what the recruits believe it to mean, but because of the Marines they strive to resemble. For this recruit Molly Marine is not about recognition, the vote, or even the opinions of those observing. Instead, it is about the work put in by those working to mold her. It is the hours spent, the blood, the sweat, the tears shed so that she might become even a fraction of the Marine that her Drill Instructors are. The term itself holds a meaning that only those that live with this recruit can even begin to fathom; those who have felt the anguish that comes with disappointment and the thrill that comes with success.

This recruit feels that motivation in a person is a central part to being Molly Marine. It is the starting reactant, in every team related situation. Motivation is the foundation that teamwork, hard work, and success is built upon. Without motivation, the platoon in particular would never move forward, would never grow. Given this solid belief, this recruit does her absolute best to motivate those around her. She does is so that others might feel the motivation and positive atmosphere around them and deprive from the strength and drive to put forth everything they can possibly muster, with passion and dedication.

Molly Marine is something this recruit never thought she would be chosen for, merely because she tries to ignore her positive actions in an effort to understand that she can always do better. Nevertheless, the nomination humbles this recruit even more and gives her even more desire and drive to live up to the expectations of the Marines around her.


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