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Molly Marine Presentation P Co 30 Oct 2013

The city of New Orleans dedicated the first United States monument of a woman in service uniform: “Molly Marine” on 10Nov, 1943.  A local recruiter commissioned the statue to help recruit women during World War II. For female Marines around the world, Molly has come to represent the countless significant contributions women have made to the Corps. She proudly stands for endurance, the book she holds records our history, the binoculars allow her to see into the future and she looks up steadfast facing all that comes her way. Molly has become a symbol of Esprit de Corps for all women Marines. Before graduation from boot camp, the recruits are asked to name one fellow recruit within their platoon who best exemplifies being a Marine. Here, we celebrate two of our newest sisters.

P Co 30 oct13

30 Cot 2013

30 Cot 2013

LCpl Brianne C. Sharrard   P Co, Plt 4036

30 October 2013

LCpl Brianne C. Sharrard, Meritorious promotion to LCpl and Platoon Honor Grad 30Oct2013 P Co, Plt 4036, 30Oct2013

LCpl Brianne C. Sharrard, Meritorious promotion to LCpl and Platoon Honor Grad 30Oct2013 P Co, Plt 4036, 30Oct2013

Every two months, a female from each Third Phase platoon is selected for the Molly Marine award. The Senior Drill Instructor of the platoon sits down and informs the platoon on whom Molly Marine is and the traits she carries. Afterwards, the platoon votes on their Molly Marine. So who is Molly Marine?
As some may know, Molly Marine is the recruit who strives to do her best under all circumstances. She is the type of recruit that not only holds herself to a higher standard, but her platoon as well. Molly Marine demonstrates mental, moral, and physical strength by continuously pushing past her limits even when every part of her body says stop.
Molly Marine is commonly referred to as a role model because she exemplifies the way a Marine should act and carry herself, with a sense of pride and honor. She has integrity by setting the example and always doing what is right even when no one is watching. Molly Marine is looked up to by her peers and earns the platoon’s respect through her loyalty and selfless dedication. She sets a professional example by demonstrating the core values of honor, courage, and commitment, and she demonstrates this by not being afraid to take charge and setting the right example. Overall, Molly Marine is the example that every recruit should try to mirror.
The day I stepped off the bus after arriving at Parris Island, I turned my back on the person I was. The moment I stepped on those yellow foot prints, I promised myself that I would not only graduate on November 1st but also graduate as a stronger person, mentally and physically. That day I had set several goals, some that I am proud enough to say I have accomplished here at recruit training. My first goal was to achieve a 300 on my Physical Fitness Test, which I accomplished during the Initial Physical Fitness Test. I also set the goals to become emotionally stronger and to learn to deal with stress in a healthier manner. Lately, I have seen an improvement in my emotional stability and ability to handle stress. That goal has not been perfected but it is a great start. I promised myself that I would never give up, and that I would remain competitive. This is because I promised myself that I would give 115% at all times, even when I did not feel at my best. To be chosen as Molly Marine of Platoon 4036 has been a great honor. Being chosen as Molly Marine makes all the tears that I have shed due to physical and mental stress, frustration, and anger here at recruit training worth it.
In brief, Molly Marine is the most dedicated, motivated, and passionate recruit within the platoon. She is selfless and constantly puts others before herself. Molly Marine is proof that setting the example and pushing your own limits can help encourage others to do the same for themselves. So, just as the title of a United States Marine is earned not given, the title of Molly Marine is too. There are no words to describe the pride I have in being Platoon 4036’s Molly Marine.

PFC  Mitzi Z. Venegas-Fausto, P Co, Plt 4037

30 October 2013

Not everyone has the potential to become a Marine.  Fewer become women Marines, and even less become Molly Marines.  Molly

PFC Mitzi Z. Venegas-Fausto, P Co, Plt 4037, 30Oct2013

PFC Mitzi Z. Venegas-Fausto, P Co, Plt 4037, 30Oct2013

Marine is the diamond in the rough, not only within the platoon but within herself.  A Molly Marine is a woman Marine who exemplifies determination, dedication, and discipline.  She volunteers for any task without question and puts forth maximum effort.  She is the motivational force in her platoon that quickly spreads among her sisters.  Molly Marine demonstrates great leadership traits, whether she is marching a detail or just being a squad leader.  “Mighty Molly” represents the perfect poster Marine, and anyone can truly represent Molly Marine if she embraces the Marine Corps’ values at all times.

I am honored that my Drill Instructors have spent day and night to not only break me down, but to build me up from head to toe.  They instilled in me the trait of selflessness, which quickly overpowered me.  I believe that my platoon saw that in me.  Being selfless is a necessary part of Recruit Training and is a vital part of becoming a United States Marine.  It is what companies and battalions looks for in their Marines.

I also thank my Drill Instructors every day because of the role models they have been; they are what I strive to be.  Their voice is strong and confident, their weapons handling is sharp and crisp, and their marching is smooth.  This is what makes me stand a little taller than I did in the past and put others before myself.

I now stand tall and proud in any situation, and I see my courage shining through my eyes.  My peers look to me when they have a difficult time adjusting to an action or an environment.  In any difficult situation there are no excuses to lower your spirit.  I have helped to raise my sisters’ hopes.  I tell them, “Chin up and charge the mountain.”  I realize that if I carry a positive mentality and physical attitude, then that will transfer to my sisters that need it the most.  At first, I was terrified to shoot my M16A4 Service Rifle, since it is literally my size.  I kept thinking it would overpower me.  Then, when that first day of firing arrived and I fired my first round, I shot centered, in the black.  I realized that my situation was simple, and my fears were a case of mind over matter.  The courage in my heart is what determined how I succeeded, and faced that action with an iron fist.

Being that spark of hope in the face of my platoon was my goal every day in Recruit Training, and I succeeded.  We all have that Molly Marine inside of us, and the Drill Instructors have given all of us the tools to bring her out.  She is the real motivation to success; it just takes real motivation to bring her out.


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