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LA-1 Molly Marine Chapter

The Molly Marine Chapter LA-1

August 2013

By Melanie Young



The Molly Marine Chapter began the spring season with a meeting on Saturday, 20 April. The meeting was held at Bravo’s Italian Restaurant in Metairie, LA. Following the meeting and lunch, members visited the nearby veteran memorials located on Veterans Boulevard. Veterans Boulevard in Metairie, LA is well known for memorials recognizing servicemen and women of all eras. Memorials  visited were the Armed Forces Memorial, Korean Memorial and Navy Memorial. Members and Loyal Escorts in attendance were Jodi Lara, MGySgt Judith Rivera, SSgt Hideshi Dyer, Cpl Elizabeth Damron, Monica Lewis, Darlene Graves and Clinton Dyer. Family members, Michael and Elicia Lara, also attended.


May was a busy month with members attending MCJROTC awards ceremonies at area high schools. Members that so graciously volunteered their time to present WMA certificates and ribbons are Mary Draughn, Darlene Graves (LE), MGySgt Judith Rivera, GySgt Dalia Robles and SSgt Hideshi Dyer. Presentations were made at Mandeville High School, New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy, Ponchatoula High School, Jesuit High School, Plaquemine High School and Gulfport High School.

This year’s Memorial Day Observance was held at the Chateau de Notre Dame Nursing Home in New Orleans, LA on Saturday, 18 May. The “Chateau” is the residence of our eldest member, Marian Landry (93). The morning began with our monthly meeting, followed by refreshments. We visited the 28 veterans that reside at the nursing home, gave each of them an American flag and thanked them for their service. Members and Loyal Escorts that had the pleasure of enjoying this event were Jodi Lara, Elizabeth Damron, Mary Draughn, Terri Anderson, Vicki Haynes, Karen Williams, Marian Landry, Monica Lewis (LE), Darlene Graves (LE), Janie Beers (LE), Marvin Savage (LE) and Melanie Young.
On Memorial Day, the Lakeside Swim Club of Slidell, LA held a biathlon to raise money for the swim club. The club celebrated their 50th Anniversary paying tribute to all members of the Armed Forces. Mary Draughn, Molly Marine LA-1 chaplain, was one of the guest speakers; speaking on the importance of respect for the American flag and what it represents. Our chapter is happy to say that on 22 June we visited the original Molly Marine Statue located in our beautiful city, New Orleans, for a beautification project once again! We policed the area surrounding the statue and then headed over to world famous Mother’s Restaurant for lunch. Members that participated in taking care of Molly and/or had lunch at Mother’s were Col Helen Pratt, CWO3 Jamila Moore, Sgt Chantel Williamson, Marian Landry, April Bell, Angela Merrell, Taneika Key, Susan Bourgeois, Terri Anderson, Linda Allen-Boseman (LE), Marvin Savage (LE) and Melanie Young. The Molly Marine Chapter would like to extend a “thank you” to Ms. Pat Murray of CA-15 for the kind letter we received. Pat is a 95 year old WWII veteran and sounds like a real sweetheart. We hope she enjoys the Molly Marine Chapter mementos we sent to her!



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  1. Thank you all for coming and entertaining our veterans today. What an amazing group of woman you all are. I feel very privileged to have met some of you, I thoroughly enjoyed our chats and loved all your interactions with the veterans. Thank you again… Kimberly

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