Dedication of Sgt. Jeannette L. Winters Center for Homeless Female Veterans

The Women Marines Association IN-1 chapter President, Connie Hamm, and I went to the dedication of the Sgt Jeanette L. Winters Center for Homeless Female Veterans in Gary, IN on Monday the 22nd of November.  You may recall that Sgt Winters was our first ever woman Marine killed in a hostile fire zone.  She was also the first woman killed in the war on terror that began with the attacks of 9/11.  (She was killed on 9 Jan 2002.)   It was a chilly day with rain threatening, but it held off long enough for the dedication.

The homeless center was to open on the 22nd but wasn’t quite ready.  They still hope to open by the end of the year.  There’s a 2 story building (visible in the group photo – that wall is to have a mural painted on it) that will house up to 14 female veterans in a residential area plus a house that will serve as office space.  It’s being built by Webb House Inc, a very small non-profit providing social services.  The local AMVETS, DAV, Am Red Cross, and Veterans Center are also involved and had representatives in attendance who spoke at the dedication. 

The Winters Family with Carol Mutter LtGen USMC (Ret)

The family in attendance included Sgt Winters’ father, uncle, 2 brothers and a sister.  One of the brothers was also a Marine, Matthew Jr.  I had met him in 29 Palms several years ago.  He’s still there working (as a civilian) in the G-6.  The group photo  includes, left to right, Matthew Jr, Carmen Wilson of Indianapolis, Carol Mutter, Robert Farmer (Webb House Executive Director), and Jeanette’s sister, father and brother.

Other attendees included: 

- Capt Ralph J. Asher, from Indiana, - SSgt Timothy M. Landwerlen,

–        Capt Ralph J. Asher, from Indiana, who read Sgt Winters’ Navy Commendation Medal award citation

–        SSgt Timothy M. Landwerlen, who was a LCpl in 2001 and worked for Sgt Winters; he had wonderful things to say about her leadership abilities

We didn’t see Pat Tillman’s wife or LtCol Evans who was supposedly coming from SoCal with some rocks from the crash site.

We in Indiana will be keeping an eye on this project and helping any way we can.

Carol A. Mutter, LtGen, USMC (Ret)

Past National President, Women Marines Association


8 comments on “Dedication of Sgt. Jeannette L. Winters Center for Homeless Female Veterans

  1. I knew Winters. I was a Multi-Channel Radio Operator at Cherry Point, NC and MCAS Miramar. GOD bless all of those who she left behind. Semper Fidelis Hard Charger!!

  2. She was a great Marine. As our old 1ST SGT would say she was hard as woodpecker lips. I never served with a better Marine and I think of you everyday.

  3. id just want to say that it is real nice that she will be remember in more ways than one ,she was good a person and she deserves it ,my support to my family ,in her name and in the name yashua

  4. Former Marine Sgt Joan Sisco in partnership with the State of AZ is already working on another women veterans home. This is a 2 bdm apt. complex for homeless women vets with children. It is hoped that AZ can build more in other areas of the state. It is wonderful to see other such residences being developed for the “forgotter warriors” as our women vets have been called. JB

  5. Winters tought me how to be a Marine, not a female Marine, but a Marine. she may have shown be how to put my hair up to pass reg’s, but she also taught me how to be tough, stand up for myself, and to never back down in the face of adversity. Every Veteran’s Day, she is the first person I think about in a long list of Marines that I was lucky enough to call friends.

  6. I knew Sgt Winters while I was a Marine at MCAS Cherry Point, NC working with MWCS-28. I was in Mux Platoon then. She was a great Marine that always led by setting the example. I was proud to know her and call her a friend. I know she is missed and still thought of by many; by # of people that continue to leave comments to this day. I was lucky enough to she here one last time when she stop through Cherry Point before going on her last deployment. You will not be forgotten.

  7. […] As her legacy her family has started the Sgt Jeannette Winters Home for Homeless Female Veterans. […]

  8. I served with Sgt Winters at MWCS-28. I was always impressed by her ability to be outspoken and her dedication. Truly a great Marine! She deserves to be honored this way. I also served with her brother Matthew. A great American family, God Bless them!

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