USMCWR 1st Platoon, Hunter College

1st Platoon

The 1st Platoon, U.S. Naval Training School (Women’s Reserve), gathered at Hunter College in New York City, April 1943. Because uniform shipments were delayed, only the women in the first row and a few in the second wore uniform skirts. Photo courtesy of Audrey L. Bennington


17 comments on “USMCWR 1st Platoon, Hunter College

  1. My mom, Mary (Tippy) Haselwerdt, was one of the Marine recruits in the first platoon at Hunter College. She enlisted in San Francisco in February of 1943.
    Came out a sergeant and went into recruiting. Still love to share her many stories.
    She now lives at the CalVet residence in Ventura, California. She’ll be 93 in May and is doing very well. Still feisty.
    We’d love to know if there are any other Marines out there who were with her at Hunter.
    Eileen Haney Sampson

    Semper Fi !

    • I was also among the first at Hunter in March of 1943. Would like to correspond and reminisce with other who were there at that time.

      • Hi, I am Lois (Campbell) Berry’s daughter, Mindy. My Mom wrote Mary Paine and did not receive a response which has had my Mom worried. My Mom does not get on the internet anymore. She turned 92 on the Marine Corp. birthday last year. I tell ya, this era was her “hey day” and memories flood back immediately. My Mom enlisted 2/03/43, was sent to Hunter College on 2/19/43, and was recruiting by the second week of May in Minneapolis MN.

    • My Mom Theron Newnom, Patty she went by, was also at Hunter College in March 1943. She’s nearly 91 yo, lives alone in her home in Redmond, Washington. I am excited to see this website for her.

    • does anyone remember Janice Hanson? I found her USMCWR dog tag in the Susquehanna river. I would like to return it to her or her heirs.
      Jerry Cook

      • Hi Jerry,
        I’ve forwarded this to the chaplain of our Women Marines group here in Orange Co. CA.
        She has many connections and may be able to find some information for you.
        What a find!
        Thanks for caring.
        Eileen Sampson

  2. I was also in the first class in Hunter and would love to correspond with your mom. I enlisted in Los Angeles and was sent almost immediately to Hunter. I will be 91 in November.

    • Hi Lois,
      My mom Mary is excited to get in touch with you. Unfortunately, she has no access to the internet. She can be reached at:

      Mary Paine
      c/o CA Veterans Home
      10900 Telephone Rd.
      Ventura, CA

      Thanks for all you did for us during the war. I know my mom would love to reminisce.

      Semper Fi,


      • I will write Mary Paine immediately. By any chance do you have the zip code for her?

      • Hi Lois, Sorry I overlooked the zip. It’s 93004. Thank you. She’s anxious to hear from you. Semper Fi Eileen

        Sent from my iPhone

  3. Hilda Roomet was among the first Marines at Hunter College. She is 94 years old and now lives in Florida. We were just looking at the photo of the first platoon online and are trying to identify where she is. I think she is on the far right, second to last row, smiling.
    I am her daughter in law.

  4. My mother Eleanor O’Neill (married name Ensinger) was in this group. She is 93 and in a nursing home in Cleveland.

    • Would love to be able to contact Eleanor O’Neill since I was also in the first group of Women Marines at Hunter College in 1943. Is there any way I could contact her?

  5. Just met Slyvia, who is 97 years old and was among the 1st group of Women Marines at Hunter College in 1943! She has photos that need names to faces, to share. I have taken a quick digital photo of her photos in the hopes to get them onto the internet quickly for others to see and id. She’s still fiesty!

  6. I’d love to see any photos of the early MCWR at Hunter College. I believe my mother, then-Dorothy Warren, was in the first unit but she has only her solo photograph from those days. Does anyone know websites where they are posted?

  7. My mom, Louise M. Rossi from Waterbury, CT, was in one of the first classes at Hunter college and I have a graduation picture that may be the same as mentioned here but I cannot see it to confirm. She was one of the women shown in National geographic in March 1943 marching through NYC.

  8. I was in the third class of Marines graduating from Hunter College June 1943, on to Navy Storekeepers School at Indiana University, followed by Shop Stores at Jacksonville Naval Air Station in Florida, and Cherry Point, North Carolina.

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