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Recruiting Women Marines

Recruiting Women Marines


The Women Marines Association is a non-profit, 501c3, organization comprised of women who have or are currently serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps.

Our purposes are:


1) To preserve and promote the history and traditions of women in the Marine Corps from World War I to the present;

2) To conduct programs for charitable and educational purposes.

3) To counsel, assist and mutually promote the welfare and well being of elderly, disabled and needy women Marine veterans, as well as women serving in the Marine Corps;

4) To provide entertainment, care and assistance to hospitalized veterans and members of the armed forces of the United States;

5) To promote the civic and social welfare of the community;

6) To sponsor or participate in activities of a patriotic nature, particularly those that perpetuate the tradition and esprit de corps of the United States Marine Corps;

7) To foster, encourage and perpetuate the spirit of comradeship of women who have served or now serve in the United States Marine Corps, regular or reserve components.


We have started several new chapters and are looking to form more.

Recently formed chapters are in Las Vegas, Iwakuni Japan and our Women Marines in Business Chapter.

We are looking to revive chapters in Hawaii, Old Dominion area of Virginia and the great state of Alaska.


Now is the time to join WMA as we celebrate 50 years as an organization. This year we will go back to Denver where WMA first began in 1960. The convention is team is working overtime to make this one of the best to date.


Check out all of the details on our website.



Be sure to stop in and sign our guestbook. Include your Plt and Series. This way we can help you connect you with some of those who went to boot camp with you.


Join today and experience the Esprit!


Mary Ann Merritt

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