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Military Bonds Mother and Daughter


Service bonds mother with daughter

By MC3 Desiree Green Amphibious Squadron Eight (CPR-8) Public Affairs

USS NASSAU — Growing up as a military brat, Marine Cpl. Amanda Cundiff of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (24 MEU) Combat Logistics Battalion looked up to her mother, Logistics Specialist 1st Class Penny Drouse.

“I was so proud,” said Cundiff, “I talked about her all the time. My friends would ask; ‘Your mom’s coming home next month, right?’ They all knew.”

Now, after several homecomings that Cundiff attended for her mother, she is experiencing her first deployment aboard USS Nassau (LHA 4), currently operating in the 5th Fleet area of operation. Coincidentally, Drouse is also deployed to the area aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69).

“It’s hard with us both being deployed at the same time,” said Drouse. “You can still keep in touch via E-mail, but you can’t call and talk to each other like you could if one of you were home. Sometimes hearing that voice makes a difference. I think it’s harder on the family at home because not only do they have to take care of the things I left behind, but they have to take care of the things she left behind


The two deployed nearly one month apart.

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