Lady Marines

Produced by the Marine Corps Photographic Section of the Marine Corps Schools, this documentary on the formation of the Marine Corps Womens Reserve in 1943 was included on the show “2nd Reel” a public access show from Athens Georgia in the late 1990’s.


2 comments on “Lady Marines

  1. I really enjoyed watching the two film reels about the establishment of the Women’s Reserve in 1943. How times have changed. I wonder if we could get more recent films on the current training in Parris Island and Quantico. Perhaps our combat correspondents could lend us some short venues they have produced.

    Great Blog. Keep up the great work.

    Rhonda Amtower

  2. I’m a recruit and i am willing to stand strong for my country and the lives of my citizens. I’d really would love to be a lady marine but the chances of that happening are 1000 to 1. I will NOT give up for i am a Marine at heart and will always be. im confident, trustworthy, strong and loyal to my country. This video changed my life forever just like im going to change the lives of others.
    Great job and keep up the great work

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