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2010 Milblog…Here I Come

After being elected as the Women Marines Association National Membership Secretary, I felt we needed to cast a wider net to reach the many female Marines who would enjoy the comraderie of our organization.

Leveraging the social media knowledge I gained in my life as a real estate agent, we got on Facebook and Twitter. Not surprisingly, we’ve gained lots of new members through that medium unlike many of our Sister organizations.

Then, on a whim, I set up a Women Marines blog and began to monitor and research what is being said online about female Marines. First, there’s a lot of really great stuff. Second, we’ve come a Long Way Baby since the early years of the Marionettes and the Womens Marine Corps Reserve!

Turns out there is an established community of bloggers of the military type and they can be found at Milblogging.com.

This weekend is the 5th Annual Milblog Conference in Arlington, Virginia and it’s sold out. I’m excited to be going and proud to represent  the Women Marines Association. I’ll keep you posted.


About aWM

A Marine vet who loves a challenge and is always looking for new adventures...runner, artist, musician, poet, warrior.

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